How long does it take to get a black belt in BJJ?

bjj black belt

New BJJ students generally ask their instructors the same group of when they first begin training. One of the most asked is how long does it take to get a BJJ black belt?

It’s a very simple question that at the same time isn’t a very simple question. Check out our explanation below for how long it takes to get a BJJ black belt.

So how long does it take to get a BJJ black belt? The truth is that there is no specific time frame for earning a BJJ black belt. It could take anywhere from 5 years to 10 years or more depending on your dedication.

What is the average time frame to get a BJJ black belt?

The average time it takes to get a BJJ black belt is around ten years. This is the normal time for a hobbyist that is able to regularly train an average of a few times a week.

Those that actively compete and train everyday will earn their black belt in far less time than ten years. 

How to get a BJJ black belt faster?

If you want to attempt to get your BJJ black belt faster, there are some ways to get it faster. Here is each way that could help you get your black belt faster detailed below.

Train Regularly

The most obvious thing you can do to try and get your black belt faster is to train regularly. Not only just train regularly, but train at a high volume.

Those that have gotten their black belts in a quicker time train every day and multiple times each day. You’ll need to train at least 5 times a week or more to get your BJJ black belt faster.


Another way to get your BJJ black faster is to compete frequently at Jiu Jitsu tournaments. Those that have earned their black belts in a faster time frame usually compete nearly every chance they get.

Competing often helps you improve your skills and shows you what you need to work on. Aiming to compete at least every month to two months will help you get a black belt quicker.

Take Private Lessons

Getting private lessons is a great way to help get you a BJJ black belt faster. In these sessions, you get to pick the brain of someone that has more skill and experience than you.

You’ll not only get to drill techniques with someone more skilled, but get a better understanding of important details within them. Definitely consider getting regular private lessons if you want to try and get a BJJ black belt faster.

What can make getting your BJJ black belt take longer?

There are even more things that will make getting your BJJ black belt take longer. Here are some ways that will prolong the time it’ll take to get your BJJ black belt.

Training Passively

Some people like to train, but just aren’t that dedicated to their Jiu Jitsu training like their other teammates. Training passively will extend the time it’ll take to earn a black belt. 

If this is you, then just know that it’ll probably take over 10 years to earn your BJJ black belt.


Injuries happen in BJJ training and the more serious ones will take you off the mat. Unfortunately not only could you be forced to take time off, but they can also prolong the journey to black belt.

Be sure to train smart and take care of yourself, so you can keep training and work towards your black belt.

Training Incorrectly

Even if you train regularly, it can still take you longer to earn your BJJ black belt if you’re training incorrectly. That may sound odd, but there are certain training approaches that aren’t beneficial to developing your game.

An example of this could be that you just roll and don’t practice technique. This could slow your progress and it may make your instructor wait longer to promote you.


Sometimes things in life will just get in the way of your Jiu Jitsu training. Whether it is your job, family, or an illness. 

It’s unfortunate, but these things happen and will prolong your journey to your BJJ black belt.

Average time at each belt rank

To get to black belt, you have to spend time training 4 lower belts to earn a black belt. Here is an average time at each of those ranks along with things you learn at those levels.

White Belt

The white belt is the beginning of the journey and arguably the most important lower belt of them all. This is where you develop basic skills and begin to understand the concept of Jiu Jitsu.

At white belt you’ll learn:

  • Basic Submissions
  • Basic Movements
  • Basic Defenses
  • Basic Sweeps

The average time at the white belt rank is about one year before being promoted to blue belt. You can achieve your blue belt in this time frame if you train around 2-4 times every week.

Blue Belt

The blue belt is your first promotion in Jiu Jitsu. You’re still considered a beginner, but you’re starting to develop your skills and maybe even develop your own game.

Most likely have a couple of go to sweeps and submissions that you’ll always go to 

At blue belt you will:

  • Continue Learning Basics
  • Learn More Complicated Techniques
  • Develop Your BJJ Game
  • Still Lose Often

The stay at blue belt is usually around two years before you earn your purple Belt. To get your purple in this time frame, you will need to train on average 3-5 times every week.

Purple Belt

The purple belt rank is the intermediate belt right in the middle of the 4 other BJJ ranks. When you get to this level, you have a pretty good grasp of martial art and have developed a decent game.

You’re just missing some key elements to get to that next level that you’ll need to work on.

At purple belt you will:

  • Improve Your BJJ Game
  • Add New Elements To Your Technique
  • Improve Your Technique
  • Have A Better Understanding Of Jiu Jitsu

The average time at the purple belt rank is about 3 years. It can be the longest wait in between promotions and you may go through a rough spot in your BJJ journey. But don’t worry as this is all part of the process and you will grow from it.

Brown Belt

At brown belt, you are near the top of the mountain and about to complete the lower belt ranks. You are basically a black belt that needs to refine some aspects of your BJJ game.

Just because you’re close to getting your black belt does not give the excuse to get lazy. This is the time for you to really work hard and work to achieve your goal of becoming a BJJ black belt.

At brown belt you will:

  • Refine Your Technique
  • Train Hard
  • Stay Focused

The stay at brown belt is usually around 2 years, but can be shorter if you actively compete. Remember to keep training hard and you will be a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt before you know it.

The most important thing to remember about the journey to black belt

When you’re working your way towards your black belt and wonder how long it’ll take, there’s something really important to remember. That is, you shouldn’t stress about how long it’ll take you to reach that rank.

There isn’t a specific time frame for when you’ll earn your BJJ black belt. The time it takes to get there is different for everyone.

What you should focus more on is the journey to get there. Just keep training hard and enjoy the process, then eventually you’ll earn your BJJ black belt.

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