How much are Karate classes?

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Previously we went over how long it takes to get a Karate black belt and detailing the Karate uniform. Now we’re going to answer the commonly asked question of how much are Karate classes?

Here is a complete overview of how much Karate classes are and why? We’ll also compare the price differences between normal Karate schools and mcdojos.

How much are Karate classes? The price for Karate classes can range anywhere from $75-$150 or more. The price depends on if the classes are for kids, adults, and where the Karate school is located.

What is the average price for Karate classes?

The average price of Karate classes really depends on where you live. If you’re in a densely populated city it will cost far more than taking classes in a rural area.

We’ve done some research and looked at the average price of Karate classes in a few different states.

  • New York(highest price): $250-$300 per month
  • Florida: $100 per month
  • Nevada: $150-$200 per month
  • Iowa: $75 per month
  • Texas:$100-$150 per month

As you can see the price of Karate classes really depends on where you’re located. You could either pay a very reasonable price or a completely absurd price. It all depends where you live.

Do Karate schools offer per class prices? 

Generally Karate schools do not offer per class payments. They are more interested in signing potential students to more long term contracts than just one class. Some Karate schools may offer drop in rates like BJJ schools, but they’re are many that do.

However, what most Karate schools do offer are trial classes. They allow you to come in and try anywhere from one class to a week of classes for free.

Schools that offer free trials do this in hopes that they sign potential students to long term contracts.

Are there any other fees I will pay?

Yes, you will have other fees that you will need to pay along with your monthly payment for classes. Some of those fees may include:

  • A sign up fee
  • Uniform & equipment fees
  • Belt fees
  • After school/daycare fee
  • Contract termination fee

Sign up fees

Sign up fees are practice done by nearly all martial arts schools and not just Karate schools. They are a one time fee that is done upon enrolling in classes at a school.

The reason why Karate schools and other martial arts schools do this practice is to cover gym expenses. In martial arts schools, the average number of long term students is generally low. 

That is why they do sign up fees, so they can earn money on students that probably won’t stay long.

Belt fees

The next payment that karate schools add on to your monthly fee are belt fees. Every time you get promoted and test for a new belt, you have to pay for it. These fees usually happen every 3-6 months or whenever you get promoted to the next rank.

Uniform & equipment fees

Along with the sign up fee, when you first enroll in a Karate school, you’ll have to make two other payments. You’ll have to pay for your Karate uniform and most likely sparring gear.

The average price of the uniform and sparring gear is usually between $200-$300.(More if the school is located in the middle of a densely populated city.) 

After school/daycare fee

There are many Karate schools that also provide an after school program or daycare program. Another way to bring income into the school.

If you’re a parent and enroll your child into a program like this, you’ll be paying quite a bit more money. Easily more than double the price of the monthly fee.

Contract termination fee

If you’re already enrolled and want to stop taking Karate classes, you’ll probably have to pay a contract termination fee. When you sign a contract to enroll as a student at Karate school, they have their contract termination policy in bold.

This is a practice not only done by Karate schools, but generally all other types of martial arts schools. Once you sign that contract, they have you locked into 6-12 months of payments.

If you want to get out that contract, you could face two possible fees depending on the Karate school. Either you’ll have to pay for the remaining months on the contract or a contract termination fee.

Why are Karate classes set at these prices?

When you look up the prices of Karate classes, you may wonder why the prices are set at what they are. There are two main things that factor into how much a Karate school charges for class.

  • Location
  • Overhead


The first thing to go into setting a price for a Karate school’s classes is where they are located. A Karate school’s prices will depend on whether it’s in an area where the cost of living is high or low. Karate schools located in an area with a high cost of living will obviously be more expensive than normal.


Owners of Karate schools also have to take into account what the overhead of their school is going to be. Everything from: the rent, bills, and cost of employees will go into deciding the price for their classes.

Normal Karate schools vs Mcdojo Karate Schools

There is a huge difference between the prices of your average Karate school and a Mcdojo Karate school. Here are the warning signs of a Mcdojo Karate school for you to avoid them at all costs.

Absurd high price

One of the first warning signs of a Mcdojo is that they have an absurdly higher price than normal Karate schools. Often more than double the average cost of other Karate schools that offer the same types of classes.

A black belt guarantee

Many Mcdojos have a black belt guarantee offer within their payment options. For a large up front fee, they will award you with a black belt in a certain amount of time, no matter if you deserve it.

Daycare/after school program

Not all Karate schools that have daycare or after school programs are Mcdojos, but all Mcdojos have these programs. A Mcdojo’s main purpose is to make money and these programs bring in a lot of money.

If you have a child that wants to do Karate and a potential school has one of these programs, be careful. It could be a Mcdojo.

Do your research

If you want to know the price of Karate classes near you, then you will need to do your research. The average cost of Karate classes will all depend on where the school is located and what all it provides. 

Be sure to do your research and contact Karate schools near you, so you can get their prices. Then you can compare the costs and decide which Karate school is the best fit for you.


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