How Much Does Cryotherapy Cost?

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One common question among those interested in cryotherapy is the price. They want to know how much cryotherapy costs?

Let’s go into how much you could possibly pay for a cryotherapy session. We’ll also go through packages that different cryo centers and spas offer their clients.

How much does cryotherapy cost? The cost of cryo will depend on a few circumstances. It will depend on where you live, if you’re a member of the business, or if you bought a package deal.

Cryotherapy Price By Region Cryo Center

Chances are the price of a cryotherapy session will primarily depend on where the business is located. Each region has a different cost of living which dictates the prices of everything, including cryotherapy.

If you live in a major city in the US on the east or west coast, the cost of cryotherapy will be higher.  

Examples of What Cryotherapy Cost by Region

To elaborate further on the price of cryotherapy sessions throughout the US, let’s look at some prices. Here are examples of cryotherapy prices from cryo centers located in 5 different 10lbmajor US cities.

Cryohealthcare: Los Angeles, California

Cryohealth is a state of the art cryocenter located in Marina Del Rey with the LA area. They offer everything from whole body cryotherapy(pods & rooms), local cryo, and cryo facials.

Their price listing for these different types of cryo treatments are as follows.

Whole-Body Cryo

  • Single Whole-Body Treatment: $65
  • 3 Whole-Body Treatments: $175
  • 5 Whole-Body Treatments: $275
  • 10 Whole-Body Treatments: $450
  • 20 Whole-Body Treatments: $800

Local Cryo

  • $45 Per Area
  • 5 Local Cryo Pack: $200
  • 10 Local Cro Pack: $350

Cryp Beauty Treatments

  • Single Cryofacial Session: $45
  • 5 Cryofacial Pack: $200
  • 10 Cryofacial Pack: $350
  • Single CryoShaping Session: $249(1 area)
  • 2 Cryoshaping Sessions: $399
  • Cellulite Freezing: $199
  • Cellulite Freezing Multiple Areas: $119 Per Area

Glace Cryotherapy: Las Vegas, Nevada

Glace Cryotherapy is the top rated cryotherapy center located in Las Vegas, Nevada. They offer whole-body cryotherapy, local cryotherapy, and beauty cryotherapy. 

Their prices for these different cryotherapy treatments are listed as followed.

Whole-Body Cryotherapy Prices

  • Single Session: $45
  • 3 Pack: $120
  • 5 Pack: $180
  • 10 Pack: $275
  • 20 Pack: $425

Facial & Local Cryotherapy Prices

  • Single Session: $40
  • 3 Pack: $100
  • 5 Pack: $170
  • 10 Pack: $270
  • 20 Pack: $400

CryoNext Labs: Orlando, Florida

CryoNext is located in Orlando, Florida that offers whole-body cryotherapy, cosmetic treatments and supplements. Here are the cryotherapy packages that they currently offer.

  • Single Cryotherapy Session: $49.
  • 3 Pack Whole-Body Cryo: $99
  • 10 Pack Whole-Body Cryo: $199
  • Club Next Membership: $349
  • Club Next Membership Plus: $449

Cryo Body Works: Austin, Texas

Cryo Body Works is one of the premiere cryotherapy centers located in Austin, Texas. They offer whole-body cryotherapy in cryo rooms that are more than -200 celsius. Here are the prices for freezing sessions at this business.

  • Single Session: $39
  • Single Member Session: $25
  • 3 Sessions: $71
  • Cryo Challenge(7 sessions in 1 week): $170
  • 5 Sessions: $175
  • 5 Sessions Membership Price: $118
  • 10 Sessions: $295
  • 10 Sessions Membership Price: $229

Why is Cryotherapy Set at These Prices? 

We already went over that cryo centers and spas charge different prices depending on where they’re located. There are various other factors that will go into what these businesses charge for a cryo session.


Of course, an owner of a cryo center will have to factor in rent when they’re making their prices. More affluent neighborhoods cost more to live in, which means that you’re going to be paying more for your cryo session.

Cost of Equipment 

The cost of buying and maintaining the equipment used for cryotherapy is not cheap. A big chunk of cryotherapy payments go to buying and doing maintenance on the equipment. All equipment in a cryocenter must be checked daily along with calibrations.


All cryotherapy centers or spas must have permits in order to run their businesses. We don’t have the exact price for the permits needed, but more than likely owners will have to pay for renewals.


These businesses can’t run without employees and they need to be compensated for their time. Prices for cryotherapy are definitely dictated in part by what the employees are paid for their time.

Cryotherapy vs. Taking Ice Baths 

If you feel like the prices of cryotherapy are a little steep for a 2 minute session, there’s an alternative. You can do your own type of cryo or cold therapy at home with ice baths.

Before cryotherapy became the big craze, many athletes including MMA fighters used(and still use) ice baths for recovery. It’s a cheaper option than driving to a cryo center and sitting on a cryo pod.

For around one dollar or more, you can buy a 10lb bag of ice from any supermarket or corner store. Once you get home, put a portion of the ice in your bathtub. If you don’t have a bathtub, you can get a troth or a garbage can(A clean can of course).

The water will be below freezing. Not close to the freezing temperatures of a cryo session, but will reduce your inflammation.

Sit in the ice bath for 5-10 minutes to relieve your pain from training and feel revitalized.

So, How Much Can I Expect To Pay For Cryotherapy?

The price for a cryotherapy session will depend on where you’re located and the cryo center you visit. You’re going to be paying anywhere from $40 to $65 for a 2-4 minute whole-body cryotherapy session. Each cryo center also has various package plans available if you wish to choose one.

Is Cryotherapy Worth The Price?

Many cryotherapy advocates believe that doing routine cryo sessions will have positive effects on your health. If you think the price seems worth it, then go give cryotherapy a try and see if it works for you. It could improve your performance and overall health.

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