Best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Schools in Miami Florida

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Miami, Florida is known for having beautiful beaches, good food, and a crazy night life. But it is also home to some of the best BJJ and MMA schools and a few BJJ legends. Finding a school to train Jiu Jitsu in Miami will be no problem for those visiting the city.

Keep reading below as we list the best gyms to train Jiu Jitsu in Miami. We’re going to give you all the info you need on the best schools this city has to offer.

Fight Sports Jiu Jitsu

Multiple time world champion and ADCC title holder Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu has made his home in Miami, Florida. He has created one of the premiere gyms to train Jiu Jitsu in Miami.

This is a massive state of the art gym that offers various programs for everything BJJ and martial arts. Abreu has hired a great set of instructors to run the school and there’s a coach for each belt level. Also offering Judo, wrestling, Capoeira, along with strength and conditioning classes.

If you want to have intense training sessions alongside world champions this is the place for you. Fight Sports has become an increasingly popular destination, where world champions, as well as all different skill levels train.

Read below more all the info on Fight Sports Jiu Jitsu Miami.

Classes Offered at Fight Sports Jiu Jitsu

  • Kids BJJ
  • Adult BJJ
  • Wrestling
  • Judo 
  • No Gi
  • Capoeira

Instructors at Fight Sports Jiu Jitsu

  • Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu(Owner)
  • Denis Mitchel Pinto(Head Black Belt Instructor)
  • Roosevelt Sousa(Brown Belt Instructor)
  • Maggie Grindatti(Strength and Conditioning Coach)
  • Joao Costa(Brown Belt Instructor)
  • Benjamin Kunzle(Purple Belt Instructor)
  • Felipe Porto(Purple Belt Instructor)

Special Offers: N/A

Address: 339 NE 61 St, Miami, Florida 33137

Phone Number: 786-290-6875

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Atos Miami BJJ

One of the top affiliations in BJJ has a Jiu Jitsu school right in the heart of Miami. Andre Galvao’s Atos is known for having some of the best Jiu Jitsu in the world.

Many of the top Atos athletes frequent this Miami Jiu Jitsu school, when they aren’t training in San Diego. This school is run by 3rd degree black belt  Leo D’avila.

D’avila go his black belt under Benevento Antunes(Clube Condor de Jiu Jitsu) and coached at Atos headquarter for years. He was handpicked by Andre Galvao himself to run this school in Miami.

There are multiple world class programs for all skill levels available at Atos Miami. Read below for all the info on Atos Miami BJJ.

Classes Offered at Atos Miami BJJ

  • Kids Classes
  • Beginner BJJ
  • Fundamentals
  • Women’s Only Classes
  • No Gi Classes
  • Competition Program

Instructors at Atos Miami BJJ

  • Leo D’avila(Head Instructor)

No Other Instructors Listed On Website

Special Offers: N/A

Address:  567 NE 81st Street, Miami, FL 33138

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Mario Sperry Jiu Jitsu

If you’re in Miami, you can have the opportunity to train with a legend. MMA pioneer and BJJ legend Mario Sperry runs his elite Jiu Jitsu academy in Miami.

Sperry is a 6th degree black belt directly from Master Carlson Gracie with around 40 years of experience. He has trained multiple world champions from the Noguiera brothers, and Anderson Silva.

He was also one of the main trainers for the Blackzillians MMA team before it closed.

Mario Sperry Jiu Jitsu in Miami is a fantastic academy run by an all time great martial artist. Definitely consider checking this place out if you’re in town.

For more information of Mario Sperry Jiu Jitsu read below for all of the information about the academy.

Classes Offered at Mario Sperry Jiu Jitsu

  • Kids Classes
  • Junior Classes(Teens)
  • BJJ Fundamentals 
  • BJJ Advanced
  • Judo
  • Kickboxing
  • Pro MMA

Instructors at Mario Sperry Jiu Jitsu

  • Mario Sperry(Head Instructor/Owner)
  • Pedro Loffredi(Judo Coach)

Special Offers: N/A

Address: 760 NW 4th St, Miami, FL 33128

Phone Number: 786-483-9466

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Valente Brothers Self Defense Academy

For 67 years, the Valente family has been practicing martial arts. They were one of the first students of Grandmaster Helio Gracie. After 57 years of training, family patriarch Pedro Sr received his red belt.

This is what makes Valente Brothers Self Defense one of the best gyms to train Jiu Jitsu in Miami. It is not everyday, you get the chance to train with one of the first families that trained BJJ. Especially one that’s patriarch was one of the few BJJ red belts in the world.

The Valente family has been teaching Gracie Jiu Jitsu for the better part of a century. At their academy they also have an Olympic level Judo program.

Their historic pedigree of teaching martial arts is not something you find everyday. If you want to train Jiu JItsu in Miami, you have a great opportunity to train with a great martial arts family.

For more information on Valente Brothers Self Defense Academy read below.

Classes Offered at Valente Brothers Self Defense Academy

  • Kids Classes
  • Adult BJJ
  • Judo
  • Self Defense Classes
  • Women’s Programs
  • Military Servicemen Classes

Instructorsat Valente Brothers Self Defense Academy

  • Pedro Valente Jr(Head Instructor)
  • Joaquim Valente

Special Offers: 1 free intro class

Address: 16360 26th Avenue, North Miami Beach, FL 33160

Phone Number: 305-354-2060

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Rilion Gracie Academy Headquarters

If you want to train Jiu Jitsu in Miami, then you have the chance to train under Master Rilion Gracie. He has made Miami the homebase for Rilion Gracie Academy Headquarters.

Master Rilion Gracie continues to teach the traditional Gracie Jiu Jitsu that Grandmaster Carlos taught him.

If you want to train directly under one of the best Gracie family members teaching today, then consider coming here. They offer a wide variety of classes and teach the same way Grandmaster Carlos taught BJJ.

For more information on Rilion Gracie Academy Headquarters keep reading below.

Classes Offered at Rilion Gracie Academy Headquarters

  • Kids BJJ
  • Juniors(Teens)
  • Fundamentals
  • All Levels
  • Advanced BJJ

Instructors at Rilion Gracie Academy Headquarters

Rilion Gracie(Head Instructor/Owner)

Roggan Gracie

Special Offers: 1 free intro class

Address: 2100 CORAL WAY, MIAMI, FL 33145

Phone Number: 305-285-2393

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Freestyle Fighting Academy

Freestyle Fighting Academy has the claim to be the very first MMA school in Miami, Florida. This gym has multiple different martial arts classes that are run here including a top notch BJJ program.

The owners and head instructors Marcus and David Avellan were ADCC competitors and MMA fighters. Now, they are two of the best coaches in Miami. They have taught top MMA fighters like Jorge Masvidal, Mike Chandler, and Phil Harris.

If you want a martial arts academy with a variety of great martial arts programs, then check out Freestyle Fighting Academy. For more information of Freestyle Fighting Academy, see below.

Classes Offered at Freestyle Fighting Academy

  • Kids BJJ
  • Teen BJJ
  • Teen MMA
  • Adult BJJ
  • Adult MMA
  • Combat Athlete Program
  • Kickboxing
  • Women’s Only Classes
  • Miami Shooter’s Club

Instructors at Freestyle Fighting Academy

  • Marcos Avellan(Head Instructor/Owner)
  • David Avellan(Head Instructor/Owner)
  • Jason Soares
  • Chevenne Moreno
  • Edir Terry
  • Kevin Perez
  • Yajaira Cunningham

Special Offers: Free 30 day trial that includes all classes, a free uniform, and access to online coaching.

Address: 1423 SW 107th Avenue, Miami, FL 33174

Phone Number: 305-225-4610

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American Top Team Miami Academies

Anyone that follows MMA knows about American Top Team. They are the premiere MMA academy in Florida. 

A huge list of MMA and BJJ champions train at American Top Team. Names such as Yoel Romero, Robbie Lawler, Jorge Masvidal train under fantastic trainers like Mike Thomas Brown.

Miami is lucky enough to have three different ATT locations within its city limits. ATT Coral Gables, Miramar, and Aventura North Beach Miami.

These schools are among the best gyms to train Jiu Jitsu in Miami. Fantastic well known schools that are state of the art facilities with lots of people to train with.

For more information on ATT locations in Miami read below.

Classes Offered at American Top Team Miami Locations

  • Kids BJJ
  • Kids Muay Thai
  • Beginner BJJ
  • Adult BJJ
  • Advanced BJJ
  • Adult MMA
  • Competition MMA
  • Wrestling Judo
  • Women’s Classes
  • Muay Thai
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Crossfit

Instructors at American Top Team Miramar

  • Wilson Gouveia(Head BJJ Instructor)
  • Chris Navarro
  • Chris Boasso
  • Rick Jantzen
  • Carl Darbouzer
  • Brittany Fibbio Kobb
  • Carolina Rodriguez Silva

Instructors at American Top Team North Miami Beach

  • Randy Barroso(Head BJJ Instructor)

No other instructors listed on website

Special Offers: N/A


ATT Miramar

11601 Red Rd, Miramar, FL 33025

Phone Number: 954-538-3899

Visit Website


2148 NE 164th St, North Miami Beach, FL 33162

Phone Number: 305-454-0686

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ATT Coral Gables

1001 Ponce de Leon Blvd b, Coral Gables, FL 33134

Phone Number:786-740-1365

Website: N/A

Arena Combat Sports

West of downtown Miami is a solid BJJ school called Arena Combat Sports. Just like most of the gyms in Miami, they also offer MMA and kickboxing to go along with their BJJ program.

The focus at this gym seems to be more for MMA and kickboxing, but the BJJ program looks solid. 

Fransico Martins is the head BJJ instructor at Arena Combat Sports. He’s from Rio and is a BJJ black belt under Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu and has won many IBJJF championships.

This Jiu Jitsu school in Miami has nothing but great reviews online.  If you’re ever in Miami it wouldn’t hurt to give this gym a look.

Classes Offered at Arena Combat Sports

  • Kids BJJ
  • Kids Muay Thai
  • Kids Boxing
  • Adult BJJ
  • Muay Thai
  • Boxing

Instructors at Arena Combat Sports

  • Carlos Zevallos(Striking Coach)
  • Fran Martins(Head BJJ Instructor)
  • Valeria Millan
  • Eduardo Trujillo

Special Offer: 1 free trial class

Address: 1852 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33135

Phone: 786-369-6834

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Gama Filho Martial Arts

This martial arts academy is run by another family with a known legacy in BJJ and Judo. The Gama Filho family has been a family of Brazilian martial arts experts for nearly a 100 years.

The father of current head instructor Henrique Gama Filho, Pedro Filho was a Judo master. Because of him, Brazil became a powerhouse in Judo. He also trained BJJ under Grandmaster Helio Gracie.

Today, Henrique carries his father’s legacy and continues to run Gama Filho Martial Arts. He is a black belt in BJJ, Judo, and Karate making this a complete martial arts school.

Gama Filho Martial arts is one of the highest rated gyms to train Jiu Jitsu in Miami. This is a phenomenal martial arts school to attend if you are in Miami.

Classes Offered at Gama Filho Martial Arts

  • Kids BJJ
  • Cardio Kickboxing
  • BJJ
  • MMA
  • Kickboxing
  • Muay Thai
  • Judo
  • Yoga


  • Henrique Gama Filho(Head Instructor)

No other instructors are listed on the website.

Special Offers: 1 free trial class

Address: 2750 Coral Way Ste 20, Miami, FL 33145

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Carlson Gracie BJJ Miami

To round out our list of the best gyms to train Jiu Jitsu in Miami, we have Carlson Gracie Miami.

The name Carlson Gracie means quality and some of the best BJJ you can learn. They call themselves, “the ghost squad team” and have cool little ghosts on their gis.

This school has over 10 great instructors ready to help you get in shape and learn some BJJ. Head instructor of this school is 5th degree Carlson Gracie black belt Michel Porfirio Pereira. 

Pereira is quite an accomplished martial artist. In Rio, he started in Judo when he was 5, picked up Karate later, and later BJJ when he was a boy.

Along with Michel, you’re going to have a lot of passionate teachers ready to help you at Carlson Gracie Miami. Keep reading below for more information on this school.

Classes Offered at Carlson Gracie Miami

*This is a BJJ school only.

  • Kids BJJ
  • Adult Beginners BJJ
  • Adult BJJ
  • Competition BJJ
  • Fitness Classes

Instructors at Carlson Gracie Miami

  • Michel Porfirio Pereira(Head Instructor)
  • Raymond “Ceviche” Fundora
  • Cathy Jones
  • Marco Prado
  • Simone Lee
  • Olivia Shand
  • Sergio Valbuena
  • Joshua Acosta
  • Jacob Gavida
  • Darren Anguiano
  • Tony Perez

Special Offers: 1 free intro class

Address: 4033 SW 152nd Ave #9, Miami, FL 33185

Phone Number: 305-386-4103

Visit Website

Have Fun training Jiu Jitsu when you’re in Miami

Train safe and have a great time rolling in The Magic City.

We hope you enjoyed reading, if you’d like information on BJJ in other locations check out our Travel Section.

If you feel we missed some gyms make sure to mention it comments or if you want you’re gym featured on the list send over someo info like you see above and drop a line in here.


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