What is the Best Kids BJJ Gi on Sale Today?

Sanabul kids gi

Congratulations on having your child involved in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!

Training in martial arts is one of the best ways to keep them healthy, fit, and active. Part of ensuring a good experience for your child in their BJJ journey is fitting them with the proper gear and attire.

Shopping for kids’ Gi can be challenging, so, we’ll show you what to look for and how to identify the best kids Gi available in stores today. 

What is the best kids’ Gi on sale today? The best Gi available for kids today are made by:

  • Tatami Kids Meerkatsu Animal Gi
  • Fuji Kids BJJ Uniform
  • Sanabul Essentials V.2 Ultra Light Preshrunk BJJ Jiu Jitsu Gi
  • Elite Sports

It is easy to identify the makers of high-quality Gi, but why are these products the best? These manufacturers have consistently provided garments that are lightweight, affordable, and durable. Whenever you are shopping for Gi for your child, your top priorities should be breathability and durability of the material. Here, we’ll walk you through the best kids’ Gi on sale today and what exactly makes them the best.

Tatami Fightwear Kid's Roots
Tatami Fightwear Kid’s Roots

1. Tatami

Tatami Gi comes in makes of 100% cotton, with incomparable embroidery that is aesthetically appealing and so well-done you hardly notice it’s there. The quality of the make and material makes it so that it lasts as long as you need and withstands damage during practice, protecting your child from injuries such as:

  • Friction burns
  • Bruises from impact 

Due to the materials used to make Tatami Gi, it is also very easy to wash! Simply put in on a warm cycle and hang-dry the material so as not to damage it from excessive, concentrated heat. 

Tatami Gi is available in a wide variety of colors and sizes, and available in many distinct price ranges which increases its reach and availability to families of several income brackets. The placement of the logo makes it non-distracting to your child and their classmates.

Finally, Tatami Gi is approved by the International Brazilian Ji-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) and the North American Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (NABJJF). These accreditations are a clear sign of the sheer quality of Tatami gear.

Tatami Kids Meerkatsu Animal Gi
Tatami Kids Meerkatsu Animal Gi

Some of the most highly recommended editions of Tatami Gi right now are Tatami Kids Meerkatsu Animal Gi and Tatami Fightwear Kid’s Roots

Fuji Kids BJJ Gi
Fuji Kid’s BJJ Uniform

2. Fuji

Fuji is one of the oldest brands of Gi on the market, so you can be sure that their products are informed by several years of experience and tried-and-true testing. Their products are extremely durable and long-lasting and offered at affordable prices, so you don’t have to break the bank to get your kid clothed fitted with Fuji. 

Fuji Gi is ideal for kids who are a little rougher in their Jiu Jitsu. If you believe that your child is a bit more prone to more physical impacts or physically challenging moves when practicing Jiu Jitsu, you may want to consider Fuji Gi. This gear will protect not only your child’s physical wellbeing while they are enrolled in the sport, but also your wallet! You won’t have to continually replace the Gi over the years due to wear and tear.

Like Tatami, you can count on Fuji to make a plethora of sizes available to your child. No matter what size you may need, you will be able to rest assured that the fit will be:

  • Secure
  • Roomy
  • Allow a comfortable range of flexibility and fluid movement. 

Their products are beginner-friendly and even comes with a free white belt upon purchase!

The only disadvantage to note for Fuji is that it is relatively pricey for a kids Gi. Although it is also made of 100% cotton, the material has been found to be quite stiff and lacking in breathability when compared to Tatami. Still, this is a brand that has its roots deeply founded in martial arts, so you will be quite well off with their products.

Check out one of their most highly-rated uniforms, the Fuji Kids BJJ Uniform.

Sanabul kids gi
Sanabul kid’s BJJ gi

3. Sanabul

Another top-ranking brand in the world of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Sanabul Gi is a great option to consider when shopping for your kids’ martial arts gear. Some of the many great benefits of choosing Sanabul gear include:

  • Inexpensive price point
  • Ease of use
  • Durability
  • Lightweight
  • Preshrunk

Again in reference to its inexpensive pricing, many Sanabul sets are available to purchase at less than $45! That’s cheaper than both Tatami and Fuji. With that in mind, its expected lifetime is about 1-2 years on average but has been known to last for longer than 2 years. Your kid will probably out grow it before it wears down too much.

So, if anything were to happen to your kid’s BJJ Gi such as a rip or tear, you won’t have to break the bank to purchase a replacement!

The cut of the Gi provides ample support for both the neck and knees. You don’t have to worry when washing your Gi if the rubber collar will stiffen over the first few washes. Reviews have shown that the material retains its softness, offering maximum comfort for as long as possible. 

The only weakness Sanabul has relative to Tatami is that it is not IBJJF approved, so there may be a small difference in the performance of the Gi in the long run. Still, with Sanabul, you are absolutely receiving more than bang for your buck!

Currently, most people are loving the Sanabul Future Legend Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu BJJ Gi. Give that Gi a look and see if it is the best option for your child.

Elite sports kids BJJ gi

4. Elite Sports

Another brand that is offered at extremely consumer-friendly pricing, Elite Sports Gis are directly comparable to Sanabul. Elite sports has many Gis available for $50 or less. This highly rated brand is a strong contender in many aspects of its make and performance, primarily including its fit and material.

Elite Sports has shown itself to be able to keep up with world-renowned names such as Fuji due to its lightweight, durable kimono. Because of the breathability of the fabric, this Gi is perfect for extended training sessions or for use outdoors, even in hot weather. This is also a great addition to have for defense against any infections that may be caused by a lack of ventilation or excessive moisture from heavy sweating. 

Running right up in line with Tatami, Elite Sports Gis are IBJJF-approved, attesting to its incredibly high-quality materials and weave.

Elite Sports Gis have also demonstrated superior comfort, not estricting your movements during practice, allowing for a full range of motion and then some.

All you need to do as the consumer is make sure you provide the right measurements for the wearer and the Gi will fit snug as a bug.

Thousands of people have rated Elite Sports Gis highly, so it may be time to look into this brand for yourself! Elite Sports kids BJJ Gis have:

  • No shrinking
  • Free white belt
  • Affordable price

You may find that this brand is exactly what you’ve been looking for. The Elite Sports Kids BJJ Gi is one of the most highly-rated Gis on the market right now.

What to Look for in BJJ Gi for Kids

Now that you know the best Gis for sale these days, you need to know exactly how to narrow it down between all of these top-notch suppliers and ultimately pick the best Gi for your child. How do you know what to look for in a Gi? Of course, as we mentioned, some of the most important things to note when shopping for a BJJ Gi are:

  • Weight: You don’t want the Gi to be too heavy for your kid, otherwise they will face a lot of resistance in their movements, reducing the ease with which they are able to practice. This factor is one that could severely hinder your child’s performance in their BJJ class if left unchecked. 
  • Material: The material will not only have a direct effect on the weight of the Gi but also on its durability and comfort level. 
  • Fit: This goes hand-in-hand with the material. If the Gi does not comfortably fit your child, there are several hazards. Too baggy of a fit and it poses a tripping hazard, whereas too tight of a fit may result in limited mobility, which can play into risk of injury during training.
  •  Accreditations: This is optional and subjective, of course. The presence of accreditations such as IBJJF- or NABJJF-approval is only a bonus and, to many people, will not be a make-or-break element. Still, for those competing in more advanced leagues or in generally higher-difficulty training programs, you may want your child’s Gi to have that bump in reputation and quality. 
  • Price: Last, but not least, of course, is the pricing. You should always have a general idea of what the pricing should be of kids’ Gi, as you need to be aware of when items are overpriced and do not meet quality standards. 

Before any of these aspects, though, you need to make sure to involve your child in the process of shopping for Gi! Of course, this may seem obvious, but it bears reminding as it can be quite easy to get entangled in the excitement of buying new gear that you don’t involve your child as much as you may need.

Allowing your child to have a say in the Gi you purchase for them will ensure not only proper fit but also the enjoyment they will have out of their uniform. 

Involving Your Child in the Process of Purchasing Their Gi

You can look at all of these aspects to check off your list when purchasing Gi for your child, but you will not have a true idea of how these elements are in play until you ask your child themselves. For example, you can pick up the Gi and test the weight in your hands, but only your child will know how it feels on their body. 

  • Does it weigh them down? 
  • Is it breathable? 
  • Do they feel stuffy? 
  • How easily are they able to move?

All of these questions are, unfortunately, ones that you cannot answer for your child. It may seem like a simple step, but it is imperative to their safety and comfort while in training. Additionally, allow your child to have a say (to an extent) on the fabric of their Gi. This is because one material may feel comfortable to you while being quite irritating to their skin – especially since you won’t be moving or sweating in it as they will!

Of course, you will need your child to have input over the fit of the Gi as well. Understand that the way Gi is fitted is not quite like normal, casual clothing, so this is something you need to consider. Having your child try on the Gi before purchase will alert you to any size requirements you may not have previously been aware of. 

How is Youth Gi Measured?

Gi measurements can be quite confusing, so allow us to break it down for you: First, recognize that there are many different elements of BJJ uniforms, each having their own measurement scales. There are different methods of measuring a Gi vs. a rash guard vs. grappling shorts. For our purposes, we’ll focus on measurements of the Gi. 

There are 7 size categories of Gis including:

  • C0000
  • C000
  • C00
  • C1
  • C2
  • C3

Each category is distinguished by weight and height, so in order to get your child the most appropriate Gi, make sure to measure them before shopping. It is important that you understand why the Gi is measured this way. Referring again to the importance of the weight and fit of the material, your child’s weight and height will be a direct influence of their experience of the Gi.

Choosing the wrong-sized Gi can introduce safety hazards to your child’s BJJ experience, so, if you are finding it challenging to find the proper size for your kid, stay on top of their measurements by periodically checking if there have been any weigh and height changes. Below is a kids’ size guide provided by War Tribe Gear:

SizeWeight (Measured in lbs)Height (Measured in feet & inches)

What Makes BJJ Gi “Good?”

To reiterate what has been discussed thus far, good BJJ Gi is distinguished by its durability, breathability, comfort, fit, and aesthetic design. Although these are the primary factors to consider when purchasing Gi, they are not the only ones. 

Good Gi has many more factors that play into its quality including:

  • Weave: There are 3 main types of weaves (single, double, and gold), in addition to brand-specific weaves such as the “ripstop,” “pearl,” “honeycomb,” and “platinum.” Each weave has its own advantages and disadvantages, and some are more suited for beginners than others. For instance, the single weave is best for beginners, whereas the gold weave is strong and better suited to experienced competitors. 
  • Collar Fill: Paying special attention to the collar of your child’s Gi will ensure the maximum comfort during their training. Most experienced BJJ martial artists will express a preference toward a cotton collar, however, there are benefits to the rubber collar including reduced likelihood of harboring bacteria and the ability to retain its shape over time. Rubber collars are more commonplace.
  • Sleeve Fill: Of course, this is a part of the fit of the Gi, but it gets its own category as an incorrect sleeve fit can pose safety hazards while also hurting the performance of your child during training. Big sleeves reduce the mobility of your child when practicing BJJ, and can also give their opponent an advantage in maneuverability. Sleeves that are too narrow can also be disqualified in IBJJF competitions.

When a Gi is able to strike the perfect balance between all of these elements and still produce a wearable, durable, breathable Gi, you can safely assume that this Gi is not just “good,” but excellent and will last your child more than your dollars’ worth. 

What Does it Mean to be IBJJF-Approved?

On the topic of good kids BJJ Gis, many brands, including two of the ones listed above, have been honored with an IBJJF and NABJJF approval. What does this mean? 

The IBJJF has strict regulations regarding their uniforms, and Gis must meet these standards in order to receive approval. These standards address;

  • Fabric
  • Weave
  • Color
  • Measurements of the sleeves and trousers
  • Thickness of the collar, patches, and belts. 

These requirements alter slightly based on whether the Gi is meant for Juvenile vs. Adult competitors. You can read more about these requirements here.

Shopping for your Gi for your child does not have to be an overwhelmingly complex experience. As long as you know what to look for and the most important features to pay attention to, you will surely end up with the most appropriate attire for them. Using this guide, make sure to keep your child involved in the process and choose the appropriate style for their skill level!

Check out our Kids Section for more kids BJJ articles

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