A Guide To Finding The Best MMA & Fight Shorts In 2022

Hayabusa Men’s Marvel MMA Shorts

This year, the market for MMA shorts is more stacked than it has ever been. There are a slew of quality products for those that train MMA and grappling to choose from.

To help you in finding your purchase we’ve made this complete guide to finding the best MMA shorts in 2020. We’re going to list every type of fight shorts there and how to take care of them. Then we will have a complete list of the best rated and most bought fight shorts on the internet! (With links included to all of the MMA shorts provided.)

But first, what exactly are fight shorts? Fights shorts are a type of shorts specifically made for use in combat sports. There are a variety of different types of fight shorts available depending on what you’re training in. Every type of shorts for MMA, grappling, boxing, and Muay Thai.

Can you use MMA shorts for grappling? Yes! Absolutely! MMA shorts were built for grappling, as well as kickboxing. You can also use your MMA shorts for different cross training workouts.

Types Of Fight Shorts

There are a wide range of fight short styles available to those that train. Everyone has their own style that they like to match with their fighting style. Here is a list and description of every type of fight shorts. 

Traditional MMA Shorts

Traditional MMA shorts are hybrid between boxing trunks and Muay Thai shorts. The cut lengths come from anywhere from thigh length to knee length.

Feature of traditional MMA shorts include:

  • Velcro straps to keep the shorts on
  • Drawstrings to tighten the shorts more if needed
  • Multi-use
  • Made of comfortable material that offers ventilation
  • Full range of motion

Boxing Shorts

Boxing shorts or trunks are generally more baggy and specifically for boxing only. They aren’t really built for grappling or kickboxing, but can be used if you have no other option.

Features of boxing shorts/trunks include:

  • More baggy and usually longer
  • Wide cloth waistline sometimes worn up to the belly button
  • Drawstrings to tighten shorts up if needed
  • Made with material that provide ventilation
  • Not made for kicking or grappling

Muay Thai Shorts

Muay Thai shorts are traditionally short cut with slits on the slide to provide optimum range of motion for kicks. They are made specifically for kickboxing, but can be used for grappling. Some famous Muay Thai short brands include Fairtex and Venum.

Features of Muay Thai shorts include:

  • Short cut
  • Slits on the side to provide full range of motion for kicks
  • Light material for ventilation
  • Drawstrings to tighten the shorts more
  • Not made for grappling/MMA, but can be used

Compression Shorts

Compression shorts are like tights that compress to the skin. The first type of compression shorts were Vale Tudo shorts used by old school Brazillian MMA fighters and grapplers. They have now evolved and now companies offer compression shorts in normal length and pant length.

Features of compression shorts:

  • Full range of motion
  • Comfort
  • Increases blood flow to muscles
  • Can be worn under MMA shorts or on their own
  • Some offer a space for a groin protector

How To Take Care Of Your MMA Shorts

You need to properly clean your shorts in order to get years of use out of them. Follow these list of do’s and don’ts for taking care of your MMA shorts

How to clean your MMA shorts:

  • Wash them in a washing machine with cold water only after every use.
  • Hang drying is the best drying option for drying your fight shorts.
  • You can use a dryer, but take care as they may cause some designs/material to fade.
  • Read with fabric softeners you can use in the washing directions.

Things to avoid when cleaning MMA Shorts:

  • Try not to leave your shorts in your bag overnight. Bacteria may grow in your shorts and they may get a permanent stink.
  • Never wash with hot water. Hot water can cause shrinkage and ruin the designs.
  • Never use bleach.
  • Avoid fast drying cycles in the dryer or your shorts will shrink.

List Of The Best MMA Shorts Of 2020

Finally, here is a complete list of the best MMA shorts available right now. These are the best reviewed and best sellers on the website with links for each provided.

RDX MMA Training Shorts

RDX MMA Training Shorts

For the last couple years RDX has been one of the top sellers for MMA products. They sell everything from gloves, shin pads, and headgear. RDX also happens to sell some top rated shorts with the RDX MMA Training Shorts being one of them.

They have made some heavy duty shorts with a clean design that are built to last. Complete with quality fabric that will resist splits, tears, and cracks. Ergonomically designed with athletic cuts that provide you with free mobility when you train.

RDX also made these shorts to give you the best custom fit possible thanks to the grip waistband they included. You’re getting a solid fit with complete functionality and breathability when you wear these shorts.

The design looks really slick, as well. Offering three different designs with these shorts. Their first design is blue and black with a white streak that includes their logo and the words ‘Giant Inside.”

Their other two solid designs include black with yellow streaks and the reverse that’s solid black with yellow trim. When you buy an RDX product, you know you’re going to get a solid product and is worth the purchase. The RDX MMA training Shorts are definitely worth your money.

Here are the features and designs of the RDX MMA Training Shorts:

  • Strong Grip Waistband For Accurate Fit
  • Athletic Cut For Free Mobility
  • Quality Fabric That Resists Tears, Splits, And Cracks
  • Exclusive T3 Stitching For Higher Strength And Improved resilience
  • Made With Supreme Durability, Functionality, And Complete Breathability
  • 3 Design Options
  • Top Rated
  • Buying Direct From RDX

Check price on Amazon

RDX Solid Black MMA Shorts

RDX Solid Black MMA Shorts

RDX has another option in their line for MMA shorts with the RDX MMA Shorts Black. These are for the athlete that isn’t worried about a design and just want MMA shorts that work.

They made these fight shorts with polyester and spandex construction consisting of 98% polyester and 2% spandex. The designers made these shorts to be durable and withstand a decent amount of wear and tear. One of the best features of the material RDX used is that it won’t shrink and dries quickly.

These shorts also include a secure interlocking drawstring that will give you the best fit and total security. The seams of these shorts are super hard to tear thanks to the 3ply polyester stitching they were stitched with. 

If that isn’t enough, these shorts have another feature that RDX’s other MMA shorts and that’s a small inner pocket. They made this pocket to put away your mouthguard in between rounds of sparring or rolling.

What these shorts don’t have in style, they make up with durability and functionality. You can use these shorts for everything from MMA, boxing, kickboxing, or cross training. Definitely a good investment that you’ll get a lot of training out of.

Here are the details and design of the RDX Solid Black MMA Shorts:

  • 98% Polyester 2% Spandex Material
  • Very Resilient To Wear And Tear
  • Drawstring Closure For Optimum Fit And Security
  • 3ply Polyester Stitching with Top T3 Stitching Techniques For Improved Resilience 
  • Small Pocket For Mouthguard
  • Anatomical Cuts For Free Range Of Motion
  • Buying Direct From RDX

Check price on Amazon

Anthem Athletics Men’s Resilience MMA Shorts

Anthem Athletics Men’s Resilience MMA Shorts

Anthem Athletics came onto the martial arts market a few years ago and now among the most popular brands out there. They make top notch products and especially so with their Anthem Athletic’s Resilience MMA Shorts.

These shorts are currently the best seller on the site with hundreds of satisfied customers. They are offering top of the line fight shorts here.

Anthem made these shorts with tear resistant, fast drying fabric. Complete with advanced sublimated printing for logos and graphics that will never crack or peel.

One problem that a lot of MMA shorts have is the velcro in the front can chaff and irritate your midsection. Anthem Athletics realized this and made the waistband with two fold velcro to prevent irritation and chafing.

The crotch is made with 4 way stretch material and this with the slits give you optimal movement.

On top of all of this, these shorts come in 21 different design options along with 10 size options. You can’t ask for much more in a pair of fight shorts than what Anthem Athletics has put into these. Definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for new MMA shorts.

Here are the details and designs of  Anthem Athletics’ Men’s Resilience MMA Shorts:

  • Tear Resistant/Fast Drying Fabric
  • Sublimation Printing That Will Never Crack Or Peel
  • 2 Fold Velcro Waistband To Prevent Chafing 
  • 4 Way Stretch Crotch For Optimal Movement
  • Optimized For MMA, BJJ, Muay Thai, WOD, Krav, Pankration
  • 10 Size Options
  • 21 Design Options
  • Direct Buy From Anthem Athletics

Check price on Amazon

Sanabul Essential MMA BJJ Cross Training Workout Shorts

Sanabul Essential MMA BJJ Cross Training Workout Shorts

Sanabul is another one stop shop company for everything combat sports. They make everything from BJJ gis, MMA gloves, boxing gloves, and some quality MMA shorts. The Sanabul Essential MMA BJJ Cross Training Workout Shorts is a great product you can use for all types of training.

Their shorts are no frills with a simple design that are durable and work. Just like everything Sanabul is known for putting out.

They even say in their description for the shorts, they’re ‘just what you need. Highly functional, form fitting shorts made by a company known for putting out quality at a reasonable price.

The style Sanabul went with in these shorts are a style to fit right and perform. These shorts are form fitting and less bagg than a lot of fight shorts on the market. Designed with open seams and 4 way stretching to give you free range of motion without the fabric impeding you.

These workout shorts by Sanabul may not look like much to some, but they’re built to last and work. Sanbul made these with reinforced stitching that won’t tear and treated the material to stay dry. If you want simple, durable MMA shorts that work, then Sanabul has you covered.

Here are the details and designs of the Sanabul Essential MMA BJJ Cross Training Workout Shorts:

  • Highly Functional
  • Form Fitting 
  • Open Seams And 4 Way Stretching For Optimal Movement
  • Reinforced Stitching And Seam Protection
  • Material Treated To Stay Dryer
  • Secure Hook And Loop Closure System
  • Good For All Types Of Training
  • 8 Design Options

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Elite Sports Men’s MMA Fight Shorts

Elite Sports have carved their place in the combat sports market offering all types of products to their customers. They’re known for making products that are comfortable, durable, and functional. The Elite Sports Men’s MMA Fight Shorts are no different and marked at a fantastic price.

They made these great shorts with lightweight high quality microfiber fabric to ensure full range of motion and comfort. On top of being comfortable to wear the microfiber is also very durable and tear resistant.

These shorts also fit with a non chafing elastic waistband with a two fold velcro system and drawstrings. You won’t have to worry about these shorts moving or falling down during training.

Also if the microfiber material wasn’t enough to give you full range of motion, the makers include slits in the design. You’ll never get hindered throwing kicks and knees when you’re wearing these shorts.

You can ask for much more in shorts that are sold at $12.99. Elite makes awesome products that are worth your money.

Here are the details and designs of Elite Sports Men’s MMA Fight Shorts:

  • High Quality Microfiber Material
  • Ensures Free Range Of Motion Including Slits
  • Comfortable To Wear And The Fabric Doesn’t Resist 
  • Two Fold Non Chafing Elastic Waistband
  • Perfect For Training All Types Of Combat Sports
  • 8 Size Options
  • 7 Different Color Options
  • Sold Directly By Elite Sports

Check price on Elite Sports

Elite Sports Men’s MMA Compression Shorts

Elite Sports Men’s MMA Compression Shorts

If you’re more into wearing compression shorts, then Elite Sports has you covered. They offer their own compression shorts with the Elite Sports Men’s MMA Compression Shorts.

Just like with all of the Elite Sports products, they made these compression shorts with quality material. Elite Sports are made with high quality, lightweight, and durable compression fabric. It’s tough, while still giving you breathability 

The great thing about these styles of fight shorts is that they provide maximum movement ability. Normal MMA shorts claim to have unrestricted motion, but compression shorts like Elite Sports gives you this. They contort to your body and stay in place thanks to their anti slip design.

Elite Sports made these in 5 different colors and very affordable, you can get multiple pairs for a low price. If wearing compression shorts during training is more your style, then check out these from Elite Sports.

Here are the details and designs of Elite ports Men’s MMA Compression Shorts:

  • High Quality Compression Material
  • Lightweight, Durable, Yet Breathable
  • Unrestricted Motion
  • Anti Slip Design To Stay In Place
  • 5 Different Color Options
  • Very Good Price

Check price on Elite Sports

Hawk Sports MMA/BJJ Shorts

Hawk Sports MMA/BJJ Shorts

One of the best MMA shorts of 2020 is Hawk Sports MMA/BJJ Shorts. These are the all purpose shorts you want if you train everything from MMA, BJJ, weightlifting, or running. Hawk’s MMA shorts don’t have  much design being straight black, but they look really clean and are fully functional.

They made these shorts with 125gsm stretch microfiber fabric that are tough, but at the same time comfortable to wear. Hawk also double stitched these fight shorts and reinforced the seams with LYCRA stretch panels in the crotch. You’ll have 360 degrees of resistant free movement during your training.

These shorts also aren’t just for men, but also can be worn by women that need shorts for training. The style and cut Hawk went with made it to where both men and women can comfortably wear these shorts.

Whether you’re a man or woman, your shorts will stay dry with the sweat wicking capability for fast drying. Also a small pocket inside the shorts is included to put your mouthguard.

But probably the best feature of these shorts is Hawk included a 5 year replacement warranty. They guarantee maximum quality at a minimum price and will replace your shorts if they tear within 5 years. A warranty on $11.99 shorts is a steal and something everyone should jump on.

Here are the details and design of Hawk Sports MMA/BJJ shorts:

  • All Purpose And Can Be Used For All Types Of Training
  • Ultra Lightweight/Durable 125gsm Microfiber Fabric
  • Double Stitched Reinforced Seama
  • LYCRA Stretch Panels In Crotch For 360 Degree Movement
  • Unisex For Men Or Women
  • Fast Drying
  • 5 Year Replacement Warranty

Check price on Amazon

Combat Corner Supreme Hybrid MMA Fight Shorts

Combat Corner Supreme Hybrid MMA Fight Shorts

For those that want a little bit more style in their fight shorts, Combat Corner has you covered. They currently offer four different great styles with the Combat Corner Supreme Hybrid MMA Fight Shorts. These are some really clean looking shorts made of good material.

Combat Corner designs are 100% dye sublimated, so they guarantee these shorts will never crack or peel. With proper care, the Combat Corner shorts can always look just like the day you bought them.

For the structure of the shorts, Combat Corner went with a short athletic mid thigh cut. Meaning they’re good to train in your choice of striking or grappling. Complete over the top velcro hook for the drawstring, so they’ll stay on and won’t irritate you.

These fight shorts also give you ultimate mobility. Combat Corner included LYCRA stretch panels in the crotch and butt to insure you get 360 degree movement without resistance.

Combat Corner sells these 4 high quality shorts. Check out the link below to see the availability of these excellent MMA shorts.

Here are the details and designs of the Combat Corner Supreme Hybrid MMA Fight Shorts:

  • 4 Unique Designs
  • Four Way Stretch Fabric
  • LYCRA Stretch Crotch/Butt Panels
  • 100% Dye Sublimated Will Never Crack Or Peel
  • Over The Top Anti Chaff Hook And Loop Closure w/ Drawstring
  • Sold Directly By Combat Corner

Check price on Amazon

Sumorai Submission Series MMA Fight Shorts

Sumorai Submission Series MMA Fight Shorts

Sumorai is one of the newer brands and they are getting great reviews. One of their best reviewed products they put out is the Sumorai Submission Series MMA Fight Shorts.

They have one of the coolest designed MMA shorts out right now and the best part is the price is reasonable. Generally when you see a cool design like this, you usually expect to pay over $50 but these are not nearly as expensive.

The design is an angry samurai tiger and a mix of black and white with BJJ rank colored trim. (White, Blue, Purple, Brown, Black) The graphics are sublimated, so they should never peel or fade.

Sumorai made these shorts with T-400 technology fabric and LYCRA stretch panels on the crotch. This means you’re getting a highly durable pair of shorts that are comfortable to wear.

These MMA shorts are everything you could want in a pair of shorts. Probably best of all is a 30 day money back guarantee and 90 day worry free warranty. Everything about these fight shorts seem awesome, so check for availability in the link below.

Here are the details and designs of the Sumorai Submission Series MMA Fight Shorts:

  • Great Price For A High Price Design
  • T-400 Technology Fabric
  • LYCRA Stretch Panels In The Crotch
  • Durable And Comfortable
  • 5 Color Options
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 90 DAy Worry Free Warranty

Check price on Amazon

Hayabusa Men’s Marvel MMA Shorts

Hayabusa Men’s Marvel MMA Shorts

For you Marvel Comic fans Hayabusa got you covered with probably the most awesome looking shorts on the market today. Hayabusa came out with the Hayabusa Men’s Marvel MMA Shorts.

You can either wear the design of Captain America, Iron Man, or the Punisher. These MMA shorts are heavy duty. 

Hayabusa made these shorts with some of the best material you can get to make them durable and comfortable. They made these fight shorts with rugged textiles, reinforced stitching, and an inner thigh stretch panel.

Every pair of these MMA shorts also feel like a personal custom fit. Interlocking velcro, adjustable waistband, and additional silicone hem that’s incredibly effective at locking in the shorts

The price of these fight shorts are more on the higher end you’d pay for MMA shorts. But if you’re familiar with Hayabusa, then you already know their products are a little expensive, but worth it. Hayabusa is known for their quality products, so these shorts are definitely worth the investment.

Here are the details and designs of the Hayabusa Men’s Marvel MMA Shorts:

  • Known Quality Brand
  • Your Design Choice Of Captain America, Iron Man, The Punisher 
  • Feels Like Custom Fit Shorts
  • Inner Thigh Stretch Panel For Increased Mobility
  • Made With Rugged Textile Materials And Reinforced Stitching

Check price on Amazon

Venum Nogi Fight Shorts 2.0

Venum is known for being one of the best combat sports companies on the planet. They are world renowned and every year, they outdo themselves and improve on their products, Their Venum Nogi Fight Shorts 2.0 are no different and are fantastic.

Made with 100% polyester that is tough, yet super comfortable. For a better fit, Venum made the unique closure system with non abrasive velcro over the lacing.

To make the mobility in these shorts optimal, they inserted LYCRA inserts at the crotch. Also  adding elastic on the waist sides to insure comfort while kicking and moving. On top of all of this, these fight shorts have lateral slots for total freedom of movement.

Venum gives you 5 awesome color designs to choose from with these shorts. With all of the designs having sublimated printing to ensure they’ll never peel or tear. 

When you see the Venum logo, you know it is a quality product. Those that are familiar with Venum already know this product is top quality. But for everyone else that is looking for new MMA shorts, these are highly recommended.

Here are the details and designs of the Venum Nogi Fight Shorts 2.0:

  • 100% Polyester
  • Highly Respected Brand
  • LYCRA Inserts At The Crotch 
  • Elastic On The Waist Sides For Maximum Mobility
  • Sublimation Printing
  • Lateral Slots For Total Freedom Of Movement
  • Internal Key Pocket
  • 5 Color Design Options

Check price on Amazon

Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Shorts

Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Shorts

Rounding out our list is the Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Shorts. Gold BJJ is known for making anything and everything for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu including these competition style grappling shorts.

These shorts are another no frills straight black made to meet IBJJF competition regulations with no pockets added. If you know anything about IBJJF tournaments, then you know they are really particular about the type of shorts allowed. This is why Gold BJJ went with this simplistic design.

Gold BJJ made these grappling shorts extra stretchy to keep you feeling comfortable during rolling.  You could use these shorts for everything from BJJ, MMA, wrestling, and kickboxing, as well.

What makes Gold BJJ such a great company is that they offer the Gold BJJ Guarantee. They make products that were designed by BJJ athletes for BJJ athletes. Always striving their products to be the best, so if you’re not satisfied, they’ll give you a full refund.

Having fight shorts you can either use for fighting or high end BJJ competitions sounds like a great investment. Gold BJJ make highly rated products and always strive to give their customers the best gear possible.

Here are the details and design of the Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Shorts:

  • IBJJF Certified BJJ Shorts
  • Super Stretchy And Comfortable
  • Can Be Used For All Combat Sports
  • Can Be Used For All Combat Sports Training
  • Backed By The Gold BJJ Guarantee

Check price on Amazon

Thanks for reading make sure to check our equipment section for more items that you might need for training BJJ and MMA!


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