Best Women’s Jiu Jitsu Gis for 2022

fuji womens bjj gi

Just like with any equipment in sports, what you wear while you train Brazilian jiu jitsu is pretty important.

While it might not be your main point of focus as a beginner, what you wear when you train will play a significant role in your BJJ success as time goes on.

What designs do you like most? What cut, weight, and material is the most comfortable for you? Which brand makes you feel your best when you hit the mat?

All of these are essential questions to consider when you’re purchasing a gi. 

What most female BJJ trainees don’t know when it comes to gi’s is that there are options made specifically for women. Women’s BJJ gi’s offer female-friendly varieties that cater to the female body and provide a woman’s cut that looks and feels better.

Not only do these gi’s serve the right purpose for grappling, but they also give women the option to add a little style to their training uniform. 

What’s the Difference in Men’s vs. Women’s BJJ Gi Options?

When it comes to the significant differences between men’s and women’s gi’s, it’s more than just color. Of course, most people think of pink or purple as a go-to color for women’s attire in Brazilian jiu jitsu.

But color really has nothing to do with it when choosing a women’s cut. Primarily, the need for women’s BJJ gi’s comes down to the female anatomy. 

Women aren’t built like men. And, when it comes to practicing Brazilian jiu jitsu, the cut and fit of your gi have a lot to do with your success in the sport.

From bust size to hip width, men’s gi’s don’t provide the perfect fit for women because women simply aren’t built the same way as men. 

If you want to set yourself up for peak performance, your gi needs to fit you the right way. Men have options that cater to different body types.

For example, well-built men can choose the athletic fit, and men of smaller stature could choose a slim fit. The most popular gi brands quickly realized that women need those options, too. 

No one woman is built alike. That’s why options for different bust sizes and waists are crucial. They allow women to find a gi that fits perfectly when they hit the mat to grapple.

Women’s BJJ gi’s take into account bust and hip ratios, allowing you to choose a fit that caters to your specific body type. 

Things to Consider When Buying a Gi

When it comes to finding your go-to gi, there are several things to consider.


Weight plays a huge factor in your fighting success, so choose carefully. Lighter gi’s are definitely more popular. They don’t just feel more comfortable, but they making rolling on the warmer temps tolerable. They also help you move around the mat easier.

While preference plays a major role in choosing the right weight for your gi, you need to keep competition rules in mind as well.

For competitive fighters, weight is definitely something to consider, especially if you’re right on the border for your weigh-in. Many competitions require you to weigh in the gi you’re going to compete in.

If you’re right on the borderline for weight limit, you might want to opt for a light-weight gi. Heavier gi’s can not only hurt your ability to make weight, but they can also hinder your performance.

As if this doesn’t seem like the weight is already getting complicated, more substantial, thicker gi’s are harder for your opponent to grip.

That means they do have their advantage. If you’re stacked up against an opponent who is in close competition with you, you might want to go for a heavier gi if you can. It’ll take away from their technique, especially if they rely on your lapel to get their chokes in.

Ultimately, stick to what makes you feel the best. Some fighters choose a light-weight gi to train and a heavier one to compete, but it’s all up to how you feel and perform best.


As mentioned earlier, the cut plays a significant role in how comfortable you feel in your gi. You should look for something that fits your body nicely.

The sleeves should fall at your wrists, and the kimono should wrap comfortably around your chest. While you might way to pick a baggy gi, it’s not the right choice for hitting the mat.

That’s because the baggier the gi, the more material you give your opponent to grip and bring you down.

On the contrary, picking a gi that is too tight will reduce your range of motion and make it challenging to move around the mat. When it comes time to choose, look at the size chart of each brand because they all fit differently.

Measure yourself as suggested, then choose according to what their size chart says. If you have questions, reach out to the brand directly for guidance.


As more and more brands continue to release their own gi’s, stick to a brand that you feel good about. Most BJJ fighters have a go-to brand.

Although there’s so many to choose from, find a brand you love and stay loyal. From big brands like Venum and Hayabusa to newbies like Elite and War Tribe, they all have something to offer.

When you find the right one for you, you’ll know it. Stick to it.


Believe it or not, Brazilian jiu jitsu gi’s come in all types of styles and designs. It is no longer a plain white or black gi.

Find a style that matches your personality.

It’ll give you that much more confidence when you hit the mat.


As mentioned earlier, finding the right size is so important.

Do your research to find out if the brand you’re looking to buy delivers pre-shrunk gi’s or if your gi will shrink when you wash it.

Check out the reviews on each gi as well. Even though many gi’s are pre-shrunk, some still shrink a little bit when they’re washed.

If you can’t choose between sizes, go with the bigger one. It’s your best bet over time as your gi may shrink when you wash it.


Affordability is always something to consider, no matter what you’re looking to buy. The same goes for gis. With so many to choose from, they come in a wide range of prices.

Lower priced gi’s are an excellent option for beginners, especially if you don’t know if you’re going to stick with the sport. But when you decide that you’re sticking with BJJ for the long haul, you might want to consider making an investment.

Most higher-priced gi’s are backed by higher quality. Even though they cost more upfront, they tend to last longer, giving you a good return on your investment.

Also, weight, material, size, and brand all play a part in pricing.

How Do I Pick the Right Fit?

When it comes to choosing the right fit, everyone (men and women) should consult the size chart specific to the brand they’re buying. Even if you know your overall size, not all brands use the same materials or weave. So, what fits perfectly in one brand might not fit in another. Just like your body type is different from the next woman that steps onto the mat, gi’s are different from one brand to the next. 

Besides finding the right size, there will be other things to consider as you get used to wearing your gi. Mainly, it comes down to personal preference. What type of material do you like? What weight or weave do you prefer? What’s the shrinkage rate? How does price play a role? 

The Ultimate Guide to Women’s BJJ Gi 2020

If we had to pick a single influence on the trend for women in Brazilian jiu jitsu, it was none other than Kyra Gracie. Born into the famous Gracie family, choosing to enter the world of competitive BJJ might seem like a no brainer for Kyra.

The truth is that stepping into the family industry wasn’t as easy as one might think. She actually had a hard time dealing with the taboos from her own male-dominated BJJ family. 

After working hard to make her way to the top, Kyra Gracie is now one of the most recognizable female figures in Brazilian jiu jitsu. Her five world championships, three ADCC championships, and 3 Pan American championships aren’t her only claim to fame.

Kyra’s charismatic personality has led her to become an ambassador for women in BJJ, and women have naturally followed her lead when it comes to the gear they choose to wear when they hit the mat. 

Today, almost every significant BJJ champion markets their own lines of female gi’s. And all major brands have quickly adapted to the growing trend to further expand their business and deliver comfortable, quality fitting gi’s to female fighters.

But as with any growing trend, it’s important to weed out the bad and ensure you’re getting nothing but quality when you make a purchase. That’s why we’ve created the ultimate guide to the best women’s BJJ gi’s on the market today. 

Women’s Jiu Jitsu Gi Reviews

From comfort and flexibility to price and style, here’s a list of our top 10 suggestions for the best women’s BJJ gi’s and why we love them.

War Tribe Womens BJJ Gi

War Tribe Women’s Finesse Jiu Jitsu Gi

It’s not just IBJJF ready, but it’s also comfortable enough to wear for everyday training. War Tribe gi’s are carefully designed, crafted with meticulous attention to detail.

When it comes to gi’s War Tribe doesn’t miss a trick. Weave, weight, durability, comfort, competition standards, and style, they cover it all.

Even after rolling in this gi for a while, washing and drying it, it’ll still fit you just as good as the day you got it.

Grab yours on War Tribe’s site here.

gold bjj womens gi

Gold BJJ Women’s Jiu Jitsu Gi

If you’re an average-sized woman, this gi delivers the perfect fit. It complements bodies with a narrow shoulder and broader hips.

The jacket is a perfect fit, it’s not too long, falling just over the hips. The fitted waist doesn’t leave any extra fabric for tying, but the bottoms offer ample room in the rear and thighs.

If you like high-waisted or pants that sit at your natural waistline, this is a great option.

This gi is super light with a 275gsm Aeroweave this gi will keep you cool and making weight will be a bit easier. The reinforced knee areas provide extra protection and durability, making this a long-lasting, extremely resistant choice.

It’s complemented by small, feminine details that give it a little style. Overall, this option is comfortable and dependable.

Check this gi out here.  

VENUM Women's Challenger 2.0 Gi

VENUM Women’s Challenger 2.0 Gi

The VENUM Women’s Challenger 2.0 is like the old classic of women’s gi’s. Engineered and tested by Lightweight World Jiu-Jitsu Vice-Champion, Luiza Monteiro, this gi is most known for its comfort and fit.

It’s made from select, light pearl weave, offering an excellent option for training in warmer temperatures. Its cotton composition helps with moisture management for those extra sweaty training sessions.

The pants come with reinforced stress areas, collar, shoulders, cuffs, and knees, making it durable. And the triangle crotch provides excellent flexibility, ease of movement, and range of motion to give you great ground support to beat your opponent. From shorter to fuller figured women, this gi is the perfect option.

In addition to comfort and durability, the gi is pre-shrunk, so the size will be fitted and comfortable. Keep in mind that this gi tends to run a bit short, so plan accordingly.

Overall it’s excellent for training and competing. It is a little on the expensive side, but the quality covers the cost. The pearl weave cotton manufactured using 410 GSM ensures longevity when it comes to this gi. It comes in multiple color options, blue, white, and black.

No matter how much time you spend rolling, this gi won’t disappoint, making it one of the best choices in women’s gis.

Check it out here.

TATAMI Ladies Nova Minimo 2.0

TATAMI Ladies Nova Minimo 2.0

If you have short arms and legs, this is the gi for you. Some female fighters like to opt for less material because it makes it a challenge for your opponent to grab hold of you.

This gi tends to run small, and many users report shrinkage occurs when washing, but this shouldn’t be a deterrent. Just keep it in mind when choosing a size.

If you’re looking for a tight-fitting, flattering fit, this is the right choice.

This gi gets high ratings when it comes to comfort because the material is soft.

The feminine embroidery gives you just the right amount of fashionable flair to boost your confidence on the mat.

Taller women should check with competition regulations before opting for this gi. They may find themselves wearing high waters, an excellent option for training and comfort, but an issue with competitions.

Grab more information here

fuji womens bjj gi

Fuji Women’s IBJJF Gi

As the name reads, this gi meets IBJJF standards, making it the perfect choice for the competitive fighter.

Fuji has been well-known in the martial arts industry for years, so the gi is backed by a trusted, established brand name. The company delivers nothing but high-quality BJJ, Judo, MMA, and Karate gear, so when it comes to quality, this is the best.

It’s made of 100% cotton and will last. It’s also more affordable than most higher quality women’s gis. The overall weight of the gi might be something to consider before you buy because it’s not regarded as light-weight.

The Fuji IBJJF women’s gi meets the IBJJF standards, but is also short in the arms and legs, giving you a competitive advantage when rolling.

If you like supporting a cause, this gi features a breast cancer ribbon at the bottom of the skirt.

Overall, it’s a high-quality, affordable, dependable gi with re-enforced stitching and competition approval. You really can’t lose.

Check it out here.

Elite Sports BJJ Gi for Women

Elite Sports BJJ Gi for Women

Elite Sports is a relatively new company, but they’re certainly worth a shot as they become more well-known for delivering quality gi’s that are affordable.

The gi comes pre-shrunk, which is a significant benefit for those looking for the peace of mind that their gear will fit once washed and dried.

It’s IBJJF-approved, meaning that you’ll be all set to get out there and compete.

The kimono is made of pearl weave material, making it light-weight and sturdy. That’s just another reason that this gi is great for the competitive fighter.

The pearl weave brings you the best of both worlds because it’s great for warmer weather while allowing you to quickly throw on a rash guard in colder temperatures.

This gi comes in multiple colors and is a beginner’s favorite because it comes with a free white belt. That will save you a bit of money when you start out.

Check it out here

tatami zero gi women


This is definitely a fan favorite since we entered 2020, lining up as one of the most popular choices for female fighters.

TATAMI gi’s are made from high-quality material, built for the competitive BJJ fighter.

This particular gi comes in black and white color variations. It’s designed to meet IBJJF guidelines while giving you a competitive advantage with its thick lapels and minimal extra fabric on the sleeve and pant legs.

The Zero G branding is also strategically placed, making it difficult for your opponents to get a good grip.

The Zero G V4 is light-weight, so it’s a great option for both cold and warm weather.

You also don’t have to worry about the scales when you’re ready to compete. The kimono is made from 475 GSM pearl weave reinforced gi material, making it durable and dependable.

While it’s a bit more expensive than some of the other gi’s on our list, you’ll love the advantages you get when you step onto the mat in this one.

TATAMI Estilo 6.0 Women's BJJ Gi

TATAMI Estilo 6.0 Women’s BJJ Gi

If it seems like we’ve added quite a few TATAMI gi’s to this list, it’s because we have.

If we’re being honest, they are among the most popular women’s gi’s on the market today. Like the other TATAMI gi’s, the Estilo 6.0 has everything you should be looking for when you shop for a gi.

Beyond the beautiful design, it’s durable, comfortable, and light-weight. Also using the pearl weave material, this gi is the perfect combination of toughness and comfort. The Y-shaped back helps vent your neckline, leaving you looking and feeling great.

While we’re all gung-ho about this one, there is a downside. It’s one of the most expensive options out there.

That being said, this is more appropriate for the seasoned fighter rather than a beginner. Once you know you’re in it for life, grab this gi.

It won’t just leave you feeling good, but it will also last for years.

Check out more reviews and details here

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re new to BJJ or looking to invest in a different gi, there are several frequently asked questions women consider before buying.

1. How Much Should I Spend on a BJJ gi?

How much you invest is up to you, and what you can afford. If you’re new to BJJ, you might want to consider choosing a more affordable option until you are sure you’re going to stick with the sport.

If you are sure that you love it, you can invest in a higher-priced gi.

Keep in mind that if the price looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Expect to spend at the very least $50-$75.

2. Do I Need More Than One Gi?

The answer to this question also comes down to personal preference. It also depends on how many times a week you train and whether or not you compete.

If you train multiple times a week, it might be a good idea to invest in more than one. This way, you won’t have to worry about washing your gi as often.

If you do compete, it’s good to have one gi for competitions and one for training.

3. How Do I Wash My Gi?

It is recommended that you wash your gi before the first use. While it’s best to wash your gi on its own, you can wash it with other clothing items after the first wash.

Wash you gi in cold water, as hot water can cause it to shrink.

If you can avoid it, don’t put your gi in the dryer. Let it air dry to prevent it from shrinking even more.

4. What’s the Difference in the Weaves of Material?

When you’re shopping for a gi, you’ll notice people referring to different weaves when talking about the material. This is the way in which the material is used to make the gi.

Manufacturers sew the material together in various ways to create a single layer of fabric.

If you look at your gi closely, you’ll notice a pattern in the material. This tells what type of weave your gi is made with, the most popular being:

  • Single Weave- The most common weave due to affordability and weight, the single weave is the most comfortable. It’s perfect for training in warmer weather, but it is also less durable than other weaves because the stitching is loose.
  • Double Weave- Double weave is as the name suggests, double what a single weave would be. This means it’s twice as thick and twice as durable. This is an excellent option for longtime BJJ fighters, but it does weigh more.
  • Gold Weave- Gold weave was the most sought after weave by BJJ competitors years ago. It is a mix between the single and double weave. The result is a durable design with light-weight flexibility that is great for competing.
  • Pearl Weave- While gold weave was most popular with competitions years ago, pearl weave takes the cake when it comes to the favorite weave for BJJ practitioners. It’s the lightest weave allowed in competitions, it’s durable, and it’s affordable. The name comes from the way the fabric creates small bumps when being sewn tightly together.

When it comes to picking the perfect women’s BJJ gi, you’ve got all the information you need to make the most educated choice.

Remember, it’ll ultimately come down to your personal preference. With time and consideration, you’ll find the right choice for you and be geared up to put on your best performance every time you hit the mat.

For information on additional BJJ gear, head over to our equipment section here.


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