How long should you be a BJJ white belt?

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One common question that BJJ white belts often ask is how long they should be a BJJ white belt?

Let’s dive in and answer, how long should you be a BJJ white belt? Going over the average the average time period if being a white belt and what could shorten or lengthen the time.

How long should you be a BJJ white belt? The average time at the rank of BJJ white belt is around a year to two years. To graduate to a BJJ blue belt in this time frame, you will have to regularly attend Jiu Jitsu class

Why is this the average time for being a BJJ white belt? 

This average time frame was made by BJJ instructors with years of teaching experience. After training so many students, most veteran instructors will agree that one to two years is the correct time frame. In this time span, you should meet all of the requirements to be promoted to blue belt.

Is there a minimum time to be a BJJ white belt?

No, there is no minimum time that you could be a BJJ white belt. It could be 1 years or it could be ten years. The time totally depends on you and the work that you put into earning your blue belt.

Things that factor into your time as a BJJ white belt

There are a few things that factor into how long you will be a BJJ white. Those are: your consistency training, your progression, timing, and your character.

Training consistency 

The first thing that will factor into how long you’ll be a BJJ white is your training consistency. To put it simply, if you train more often, then you will more than likely get your blue belt sooner.

But if you don’t train consistently, then you can expect to wait a little longer to be promoted to blue belt. This factor all depends on you if you’re dedicated to BJJ and train often.

Your progression 

You not only have to train consistently, but you also have to be progressing. Continuing to develop your skills and improve as a grappler. 

If you’re consistently training, but not progressing, your instructor will factor this into their decision.


One factor that you will have no control over is the timing of when you’re promoted. The only person that will decide when you’re ready to be promoted to blue belt is your instructor.

Before all of the promotions, the head black belts evaluate all of their students. Going through which they feel deserve to be promoted.

If they feel you’re ready, you’ll be promoted. But if not, you’ll just have to wait a little longer before you get your blue belt.

Your character

One thing that you may not realize that weighs into you being promoted is the content of your character. You have to show that you have the character of an upper belt if you wish to be promoted. If your instructor sees that your character is good, then this will help in their decision to promote you.

Is this average the same for all BJJ white belt students?

No, not every BJJ white belt earns their blue belt within the same time frame. The average time frame for each BJJ white belt student varies greatly. It really depends on what BJJ school you’re attending.

Different schools, different rules

 Every BJJ school has different time frames when they promote their white belts to blue belts. Some BJJ schools will promote white belts in around a year and others may wait up to two years. 

Factors that make your time at white belt longer

There are two specific factors that can extend your time as a BJJ white belt. Either not being dedicated to the train, injury, or something coming up in your personal life.

Not dedicated 

If you just aren’t that dedicated to your BJJ training, then you’ll obviously have a longer time at white belt. White belts that only show up to train one day a week or less are definitely going to wait longer. 

Injuries/personal life

Then there are other circumstances that will force you to have a longer time at white belt. Either you get injured or something in your personal life can force you out of training.

These factors are unfortunate, but do happen often to grapplers of all levels. You’ll just have to deal with them and get back 

How can I get a BJJ white belt in a shorter time span?

If you want to try to get a blue belt in a shorter time frame, there are ways to do this. Specifically two ways that you can do this.

Past experience in grappling 

Having past experience in a form of grappling will definitely play into getting you a blue belt sooner. Either past experience in either Judo or wrestling.

If you are a brown belt or black belt or Judo, the rules are usually different for you. You will usually automatically get promoted to a BJJ blue belt with this experience.

This could also possibly apply for past experience in wrestling. But you’ll probably need to have excelled at wrestling in order to be awarded a blue belt earlier.


Some instructors will make special exemptions for white belt students that are exceptionally talented. Maybe you’re winning every competition you enter or easily beating your more experienced teammates.

What should I do during my time as a white belt? 

This is a better question rather than wondering how long you should be a BJJ white belt. It’s not the length of time, but what you do as a white belt that is the important thing.


The most important thing that you should be focusing on as a white belt is your training. You have to consistently go to class every week and dedicate yourself to your training.

If you’d like to know how often you should train as a white belt, check out this article.(link here)

Understand BJJ

Not only do you have to train consistently, but also develop a basic understanding of Jiu Jitsu. It’s not enough to know how to do a technique, but why you do them a certain way. 

When you understand the basics of BJJ, you will be ready to be promoted.


Competing isn’t a prerequisite for all BJJ schools, but it will definitely help in your development. Going against other white belts at the same skill level as you and rolling full speed. Actively competing will definitely help improve your skills.

What is the time frame of being a BJJ white belt compared to other martial arts?

You may also wonder what the time frame as a BJJ white belt is compared to other martial arts. Here is the average of being a white belt in other martial arts.

  • Karate White Belt: 3 months
  • Taekwondo White Belt: 2-3 months
  • Judo: 6 months to a year

The time as a white belt in a BJJ is a bit longer compared to other martial arts. But that is generally because there are more prerequisites for becoming a BJJ blue belt.

Should I worry about how long I will be a white belt?

No, the last thing you should worry about is how long you will be a white belt.  What you should be focusing on is what you do in training during this time.

Really dive into the martial art and dedicate yourself to the training. When you do this, you will develop your skills and show that you’re worried about being promoted.

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