How Often Should I Train As A BJJ White Belt?

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Next up on our list of common questions BJJ white belts ask is about training volume. How often should I train as a BJJ white belt?

We’ll go over exactly how often you should be training as a BJJ white belt. Also asking some of the other common questions that BJJ white belts ask about training volume.

How often should I train as a BJJ white belt? As a BJJ white belt, you should try to train at least 3 days a week if not more. If you’re healthy and can train more than 3 days, then feel free to do so. The important thing is that you train every week.

Why should a BJJ white belt aim to train 3 days a week? 

The reason why training three days a week is a good average for BJJ white belts for a number of reasons. Here are some of the best reasons why training three days a week is a good average for BJJ white belts.

You won’t get overloaded

Sometimes overload can happen if they train too much. They receive so much information from training that they have trouble remembering details of the techniques they learned.

Three days of training is a good average for white belts, because they’re more likely to retain the information from training. You won’t get overloaded with information and remember everything that you learned.

Gives you time to rest 

BJJ training can be really taxing on white belts that aren’t in shape. Especially if you are an older white belt that needs more time to recover.

That is why three days is a good number of training sessions to hit every week. You’ll get in shape and give yourself enough time to recover from training.

Avoid burnout from over training

Burnout isn’t really something that white belts go through, but it can happen. Sometimes they jump into Jiu Jitsu too fast and they burn themselves out on training and realize it isn’t for them.

Training three days a week is a good number to avoid burnout. You can get a good amount of training in, while still being able to have a life.

What type of training schedule should I keep?

Training schedule is a great question that BJJ white belts often ask. If you’re going to train three days a week you do have a couple training schedules that you can choose from.

One day on/one day off 

If you train Monday through Friday, doing the one day on and off schedule is probably the best training schedule. That way you can get a good amount of training in, while still being able to rest and recover.

Three days on/four days off 

Another type of BJJ training schedule that you can keep is going three days on and four days off. Training Monday through Wednesday and then taking the last four days off of the week if you need to.

Do what your work/life schedule permits

Then of course you may have a hectic work life and personal life that will of course come before training. If that’s the case, you’ll just have to train when your work and personal life allows you to.

Would it be beneficial for a BJJ white belt train for more than 3 days?

Yes, the more you can train, the more skills and knowledge you will require. If you decide to be a gym rat and train everyday, you’ll definitely advance at a higher rate than normal.  

Is it okay to train multiple times a day? 

If you’re a BJJ white belt that wants to train multiple times a day and can, that is totally fine. You’d have to be really dedicated to BJJ if you want to do this and we approve.

 Many of us would love to train multiple times a day if our work schedule allowed us to. You will definitely improve quickly and get in amazing shape training twice a day or more.

Is it okay to miss training? 

Yes, if you don’t hit your three days of training a week or even miss a week entirely, don’t worry. Things happen in your life that’ll affect you being able to train Jiu Jitsu. The important thing is to get back in the gym and get your routine going again.

Faster track to BJJ blue belt

Another reason to attend at least 3 BJJ classes or more a week is to earn your blue belt faster. The average time it takes to earn a BJJ blue belt is about a year if you train consistently.  

Training at least three days will put you on track to get your blue belt within a year.

Should you attend open mats?

As we stated in the last edition in our series of answering BJJ white belt questions, you should attend open mats. If you are able to go to open mat training, they will be very beneficial to you improving your skill.

Not only will you be getting more mat time, but you can also use the time to ask higher belts questions. Asking them to help you out with any places you get stuck at or how to do techniques properly.

Which classes should I attend as a BJJ white belt?

If you’re at a larger BJJ school, then they probably offer more than just regular BJJ classes. That leads many BJJ white belts to ask, which would be the best ones to attend?

Regular BJJ class 

Attending normal BJJ classes would be your obvious first choice as a BJJ white belt. In regular Jiu Jitsu classes, you’ll get to train and learn from more experienced teammates. Getting to drill and roll with more experienced teammates is the best way to learn as a white belt.

Fundamental BJJ class 

If you train at a BJJ class that offers fundamental classes, you should definitely consider attending those classes. In fundamental classes, you spend an hour or more drilling Jiu Jitsu basics. Attending these classes will help you learn the basics faster and make you good at them.

Advanced/Competition classes

As a BJJ white belt you may not be allowed to attend advanced classes, but maybe competition classes. But be warned that these classes move fast and you may get lost in what’s being taught.

Train as often as you’d like!

Honestly, there really isn’t a right answer for how often you should train as a BJJ white belt. You should train as often as you’d like and train when you want.

The most important thing is consistency and training every week. BJJ is a commitment and you have to train every week, no matter how many times you can make it. That is the only way that you’re going to progress and improve your skills.

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