How Much Does a BJJ Gi Cost?

SHOGUN Fight Jiu Jitsu gi Tao Premium 450g Pearl Weave Cotton BJJ

For someone new to Jiu Jitsu shopping for a BJJ gi can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many different gi brands and styles ranging from $50-$200 and you just don’t know where to start.

Well you don’t have to stress anymore, because this article is going to tell you everything you need to know about BJJ gi prices. We’ll break down how much a BJJ gi costs and what makes them vary in price.

How much does a BJJ gi cost? The cost of a BJJ gi depends on the material, the weave, durability, thickness, style, and the brand. Extra additives like anti odor protection also go into how much the price of a Jiu Jitsu gi is. Value/Light gis generally sell $100 or less, $150 or less for hybrids, and over $150 for premium styles.

What’s the difference between BJJ gis and other types of gis?

Chances are you already know the differences between BJJ gis and other martial arts gis like in Karate of Judo. Here’s a quick explanation for those that don’t know.

BJJ gis are usually much thicker and more sturdy than Karate and Taekwondo gis.

This is due to the pushing and pulling involved in grappling and BJJ. In Jiu Jitsu your gi needs to be durable. A Karate gi is lighter, cheaper, but it’s not made for grappling and will tear easily.

A Judo gi’s sleeves are a bit short to be ideal for BJJ but can make due if needed. If you come from a Judo background you can wear your Judo gi until you’re ready to commit and buy a Jiu Jitsu gi.

Low-End/Value gis

Low end or value gis are types of kimonos that go for less than $100 online.

There are a number of great value gis on the market that are durable and great for regular training.

Most value gis are single weave, lightweight, and generally ideal for training and not really for competition.

Since these types of gis are lower priced, there really isn’t anything flashy about these value gis. They are basic gis that are functional and affordable, which are very popular among beginner grapplers.

Ultra Light gis

Ultra light gis are a step up from value gis being lighter, more durable, and a bigger price tag. If you don’t want to be weighed down by your gi when you train, this might be the type of BJJ gi for you.

Even though they are thinner than traditional gis, the material used is still durable and typically use special weaves such as pearl weaves.

Although they still aren’t as durable as most hybrid styles and premium gis, mostly due to them being thinner.

They can also make it easier for opponent’s to hold grips on you. But if you want to be comfortable while you roll and less weighed down these gis are good for that. For around $100, you can get a good ultra light gi to train in.

Hybrid Light gis

Hybrid light gis are great mixing the lightness of value gis and the durability of a premium heavy gi. Many grapplers that compete prefer to use this type of gi over other types. Predominantly because they give you the lightness of a value gi, while having the thickness of a heavy gi.

This is thanks to these kimonos having high end stitching like gold weaves, while the pants are still lightweight. Feeling thick and durable, yet being light is ideal for competing in tournaments. If you want this type of gi, they will also run around $100 or more.

Premium Light gis

Like the hybrid lights a premium light gi offers the best qualities of other types of gis. They also are an improvement in areas, where the other type of BJJ gis fall short.

A premium light gi improves on everything from comfort, functionality, stitching, and embroidery. They’re also more stylish, complete with rashguard inner linings that usually have cool designs.

Not only are the rashguard linings cool, but they improve on the functionality of the gi. They absorb more sweat, so your gi doesn’t get weighed down and you still roll in comfort.

However if you want this kind of top of the line gi, you will have to pay for it. Normally you will have to pay over $125 for a solid premium light gi. But the investment is worth it as these high end gis are usually very well made.

Premium Heavy gis

Now if you’re a person with a bigger form with a top heavy game, then premium heavy gis are for you. These are the old school traditional style of gis that the old black belts wore back in the day.

Premium heavy gis are thick, heavy, and the most durable type of gi you can get. This is due to the extra material used in making this type of kimono.

The positives are that this gi is a nightmare for teammates and opponents. Its extra thickness is hard to grab, can hurt fingers, and is exhausting to be stuck under.

Wearing a thicker gi will also work against you as they can get hot, heavy, and harder for you to move in.

Look to pay around $150 or more for a premium heavy gi. This is due to the fact that more material is used to make this ultra durable gi.

Here’s a few BJJ gi options to choose from

Now that you know the differences between types of BJJ gis, you shop for one knowing exactly what type you want. Below are 3 different BJJ gi examples that are available online.

These examples will cover value brand gi, midtier gi, and a premium style gi.

Sanabul Essential V2 BJJ gi

Sanabul Essential V2 Ultra Light (Value Gi)

The Sanabul Essential V2 is a perfect sample of an ultra light pre shrunk gi. Sanabul Jiu Jitsu products like their gis are great because they’re affordable and functional.

Features of the Sanabul Essential V2 Light Pre Shrunk gi include:

  • Great Fit: Sanabul made this ultra light gi pre shrunk, so it should stay the same size. If not you can use a hot water and machine dry to shrink it down a size if need be.
  • Ultra Light: This gi is ideal for training on hot days of training. Being an ultra light gi, you’ll be able to train for longer without being overheated or being weighed down by sweat absorption.
  • Still Durable: Even though it is an ultra light gi that it is a single weave it is still a pretty durable gi. They made the collars with durable rubber that is stiff, yet flexible, and tapered sleeves that shouldn’t tear.
  • Clean Look: While there isn’t anything flashy about this gi it still looks sharp. It has a professional look of a more expensive gi, while still being affordable.

If you are in the market for a new ultra light gi that is affordable, while still durable this is the one. Check out the link below if you want to know more about this quality gi.

Check price on Amazon

SHOGUN Fight Jiu Jitsu gi Tao Premium 450g Pearl Weave Cotton BJJ

SHOGUN Fight Jiu Jitsu gi Tao Premium 450g Pearl Weave (Premium Light Gi)

Shogun’s Fight Jiu Jitsu Tao BJJ gi is a great example of a premium light gi. It is light, extremely durable, and very stylish. If you want to train/compete in a gi that looks good and built to last this is the type you need.

Features of the Shogun Fight Jiu Jitsu Tao Premium BJJ gi include:

  • 450g Pearl Weave: This gi top is made of 450g pearl weave cotton with reinforced cuff links. Super light, while still being tough.
  • Rash Guard Lining: A stylish rash guard lining that looks good and will absorb excess sweat optimally.
  • IBJJF Certified: You can compete in IBJJF tournaments with this gi.

Check price on Amazon

Bravo BJJ gi

Bravo BJJ gi

The gi by Bravo BJJ is a good example of hybrid BJJ gi. This gi mixes the qualities of a light BJJ gi with the durability of a heavy gi.

Features for the Bravo BJJ gi include:

  • 450 GSM Fabric: 450 GSM fabric that is triple stitched for more durability.
  • Durable Cotton Pants: The gi pants are made of cotton twill fabric with this fabric also used to reinforce the back of the gi.
  • IBJJF Approved: Approved for use in IBJJF sanctioned competitions.

If you are interested in getting a hybrid style gi check out this one from Bravo BJJ.

Check price on Amazon

Hopefully you now have a better idea on how much BJJ gis cost. You know the different styles and price range, so go and choose a gi that works for you!

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