Brazilian Nationals Recap & Charles Oliveira vs Justin Gaethje Breakdown // BJJ Weekly Wrap Up May 8th 2022

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Hey everybody! This is our new weekly segment recapping big events in the BJJ world.

This past weekend, the IBJJF held one of the biggest events of the year, the Brazilian Nationals. Many of the sport’s top athletes traveled down to São Paulo to take their shot at winning gold. Multiple athletes that competed at the tournament are currently on a quest to become grand slam champions.

Mica Galvao

One of the big stories going into the Brazilian Nationals was Mica Galvao’s quest to be grand slam champion this year. Galvao has put on a clinic in all of his appearances in competition this year.

Including just coming off winning this year’s BJJ Stars Middleweight tournament. Beating both former world champions Leandro Lo and Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa.

The young Fight Sports black belt made easy work of the middleweight division on his first day of competition. On Sunday, he would punch his ticket to the finals to meet Gracie Barra black belt Servio Tulio Junqueria.

Servio gave Mica his best match of the tournament, but Galvao was too much. Winning on points and showed why he’s one of the best grapplers on the planet.

Gabrieli Pessanha wins double gold

Gabrieli Pessanha put on a show in front of her hometown. Putting on a beautiful performance in front of her friends and family in São Paulo this weekend.

Not only winning the super heavyweight title, but also the absolute title. Proving once again that she is one of the best BJJ athletes in the game today.

Mayssa Bastos wins at home

Mayssa Bastos is another grappler that’s on a quest to become a grand slam champion this year. She made the trip down to her hometown and showed why she’s the queen of the rooster weight division. Dominating in all of her matches to add another Brazilian National title to her collection.

Nicholas Mergali returns to Gi competition

Nicholas Meregali made his return to Gi competition after making his No-Gi debut back in April. He faced some tough competition, but came out on top once again. Beating the tough Felipe Andrew by submission in the finals to win the super heavyweight division.

Gutenberg Pereira wins Absolute Division

The GFTeam standout came out and put on a show at the Brazilian Nationals. Fresh off his 29 second guillotine win at the latest BJJ Stars events. 

This weekend, he took home gold in the absolute division and proved he’s an athlete to watch out for this year

Other Brazilian Nationals Results

  • Brenda Larissa(Light Feather Champion)
  • Fernanda Mazzelli(Heavy Champion)
  • Bia Basilio(Feather Champion)
  • Tata Ribeiro(Light Champion)
  • Andressa Mezari Cintra(Middle Champion)
  • Sabatha Lais(Medium Heavy Champion)
  • Rodrigo Otavio((Rooster Weight Champion)
  • Diogo Reis(Light Feather Champion)
  • Fabricio Andrey(Feather Champion)
  • Pablo Lavaselli(Light Champion)
  • Matheus Spirandeli(Medium Heavy Champion)
  • Rider Zuchi(Heavyweight Champion)
  • Mason Fowler(Superheavy Champion)

Charles Oliveira vs Justin Gaethje Fight Breakdown

We had some drama on Friday night before the UFC 274 event. Charles Oliveira came in .5 lbs over weight and was forced to vacate the title.

Many fighters(including Oliveira) claimed that there was something off with the scales, but it wasn’t looked into. On fight night, only Justin Gaethje could walk out with the UFC Lightweight Championship if he won.

The Fight 

The fight started with Gaethje and Oliveira standing toe to toe. Both fighters brought the fight to the other and neither took a step back.

Gaethje hurt Oliveira early with some shots, dropping Oliveira and even opening a cut over his eye. At one point Do Bronx even attempted to pull guard and almost caught Gaethje by surprise.

Oliveira would clip Gaethje with a clean shot, dropping him, and then proceeded to put on a beautiful Jiu Jitsu display.

Quickly transitioning to Gaethje’s back and going for a wide variety of different attacks. Landing vicious ground n pound before going for a reverse triangle, and then hitting his patented RNC for the win.

Adding to his UFC record with his 16th win by submission. Oliveira may not be champ anymore, but he’s still at the top of the lightweight division.

Oliveira’s back attacks

Charles Oliveira has proven that he probably has the best MMA Jiu Jitsu in all of the sport. From the moment Gaethje hit the ground, it was only a matter of time before Oliveira took him out.

As soon as Gaethje was on his back, Oliveira wrapped him up, stepped over, and secured his back. Do Bronx began landing a vicious barrage of elbows and hammerfists to open Gaethje up for a submission.

The first submission that Charles went for was a slick reverse triangle. He tried attacking an arm lock with the triangle, but Gaethje was able to defend.

Oliveira would then set another trap on Gaethje. Letting go of the reverse triangle for Gaethje to explode out and expose his neck. He wrapped up his patented RNC and the fight was a wrap.

Another beautiful display of Jiu Jitsu put on by Charles Oliveira. His career resurgence is one for the history books.

That’s a recap of some of this past week’s biggest BJJ news. Make sure to check out next week’s recap!

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